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Dirty Hands November 23, 2010

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He told me I needed clean hands before I could embrace Him

I thought that was easy enough a task to accomplish

I ran to the sink and let the fresh water flow over my hands

I returned swiftly, beaming brightly

Until…. “What do you mean they’re  not clean? I just washed them!”

I sulked on my way back to the sink with my eyes low

Noticing the grimy footprints I left from stepping in the water I dripped on the floor

This time I turned the water on as hot as I could stand it

I sang through the alphabet three times while I lathered my hands

I even soaped up my wrists and got under my nails!

Surely my hands must be clean now!

I returned proudly, with my hands outstretched and ready for inspection

“Still not good enough?!” , I lamented as I began to feel hopeless

I sunk to the floor in despair and disappointment

But just then, He pitied me and told me to give it one last try

I dragged myself back to the sink

Confusion settled into my face as I looked down

How did my hands get so dirty so quickly?

Again I turned on the faucet

Brown, murky water cascaded down my fingers and pooled in my palms

Disgusted and frantic, I backed away from the sink

I looked around for the towel to wipe my hands

And I noticed that what I had been using to dry my hands was just a tattered, dirty rag

I cried as I ran back to Him, exposing my filthy hands

“I can’t get them clean, the water’s dirty! How can I wash my hands in dirty water?! What must I do?!”

He told me not to worry because He could help

He stretched out His hands to me

They were the most spotless I’d ever seen!

Only…He had to really bad sores, one in each

But He told me not to fear as I started to reach

When He tightly grasped my hand, I squeezed His back

That’s when blood oozed from the holes and soaked my hands

He slowly let go and instructed me to take a look

My hands were clean like His!!!

This meant that I could finally come before Him in humble assurance

And I would be recieved as His own

And I know that His grip is strong enough to never let me go!


Tears For “Julian” November 7, 2010

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So, I haven’t blogged in quite a few months.  Sometimes I get into a mode where the only way I can constructively express my feelings about certain things is to go to God in prayer and also write about it.  So, needless to say, something has happened recently to break my streak of blog “silence”.

Just recently, a very dear friend of mine  (unmarried) informed me that she had found out she was six weeks pregnant and that she did not plan on keeping the baby.  During the course of the phone conversation, I was as honest and as straightforward as I could be about what God’s Word says about murder.  I explained to her that human life is human life, no matter what stage it’s in.  An infant has no less human value than a toddler, who has no less human value than an adolescent, who has no less value than an adult.  Suffice it to say that an unborn child has no less human value than an infant.  They’re all different stages of human development.  A human is a human in each of these stages.  A fetus/unborn child is alive, and that’s evident by the fact that it’s growing.  Non-living things don’t grow and advance in development.I also shared with her that life comes from God, and that man is made in the image of God, which is one of the reasons why murder is such an abomination in His sight.

I did say all this in love and as gently in tone as I could, but I didn’t withhold the things that needed to be said.  She even still agreed to come by my house so we could sit down together and talk and go through the Word so I could let her read the Bible for herself so she could see what God has to say about it to truly make an informed decision.  I had written out an outline and everything.  And had also planned for us to read info and watch videos on what stage her baby was in at 6 weeks, what happens during methods of abortion, and the risks of bodily harm and complications she could face if the abortion route was taken. 

Ultimately, I let her know that murder is murder, and that she would have blood on her hands.  With that, I also told her that she needed to repent, and that I had planned to show her scriptures to that effect.

She agreed to come by one night, then cancelled because she said she was tired, which I’m sure she was.  So she rescheduled for the following night.  The next night came, and she cancelled on me again.  I had asked her if she could hold off on making a decision until we had the chance to meet, and she said she would.  After the two stand-ups, she stopped communicating with me.  I just wanted to make sure she was doing okay.  I called and left voicemails and sent text messages.  She never answered or returned my calls, nor did she respond to my texts.  She didn’t respond to  my texts until I just plainly asked her if she was avoiding me.  She responded to deny that she was avoiding me.  The next day I texted her to check on her again, and told her I still wanted to speak with her, and then I asked if she had made a decision.  She responded by saying, “It’s done…almost”.  That’s when the tears flowed.  Part of me believes she never intended to hear any other alternative that opposed her initial desire to kill that child.  In our first conversation about it, I asked her if she had thought of adoption as an option.  She said no because if she ended up having the baby, she would want to keep it.  I was flabbergasted by that.  So you’d rather murder the baby than to give him/her to someone else, perhaps a lovely married couple who is unable to conceive a child?  Complete and utter selfishness.

I believe I did well in keeping my emotions on a leash when talking to her.  I love her like crazy, but I will not support rebellious decisions against God, ESPECIALLY when you make verbal claims in the direction of Christianity and you KNOW better.  This may sound harsh, but I have no sympathy for her in her decision.  Don’t get me wrong, I have a sympathy for her in a sense that she’s a sinner and in need of repentance and saving faith in Jesus Christ.  And I get that she was afraid, as any unwed, young pregnant woman could be in that situation.  What I do not have sympathy for is the fact that she’s an adult and knows the possible outcomes of sex (babies and diseases) and she knows fornication (sex outside of  marriage) is a sin.  She was not raped, she willingly participated in the act and then chose to run from the consequences.  Where was the shame when the sex act was being committed?  Why does the baby have to suffer because the mother feels shameful of her actions?  None of this is the child’s fault. 

I had planned to tell her, but never got the chance, that I named the baby. I figured giving the baby a name would be one more way to help her realize she had a human life inside of her.  I named the baby Julian.

I don’t know who God may have to come across this blog.  I don’t really have many readers/visitors, but I’m in prayer that this blog serves whatever purpose God has for it, even if He uses it to reach just one person in some way.  That being said, in the coming week I plan to post the outline I had written to share with my friend. I’ll have to go back and organize and re-work it to make it reader-friendly since I just jotted down scriptures and notes to use in the context of a verbal, face-to-face conversation. 

I pray that it will be useful to someone out there…..

Christ is King!