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Just an Update (Journal) April 1, 2010

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Well, I made an attempt at talking to a couple of people very close to me about my “Reformed Theology” learnings, specifically election/predestination…yeah…didn’t go over well at all.  I all but got my head bitten off.  I thought it was a safe place to try to share it, but I guess I was wrong…lol.  I wasn’t expecting them to agree, but I also didn’t expect to get jumped on like I did.  But hey,  I can understand how they felt…it just put me in a scary position I guess.  I’ve never experienced that kind of reaction before.  Anywho, I’m still studying and learning about the Reformed Theology in general.  What I like most about it is that God gets ALL the glory in every aspect.  I’ve come to realize that church/religion, as I’ve known it, seems to put man at the forefront with God as his assistant, only serving the purpose of answering prayers (always with a yes, of course), bringing prosperity and healing, and being there to rescue people out of bad situations.  In actuality, God is the One in charge of this whole thing, and He owes man NOTHING.  We are the creature, He is the Creator.  Until the last year or so, I hadn’t really considered what that really meant.  We are here to serve the purpose that God put us here for.  He doesn’t depend on us, we depend on Him.  Once I started to realize that, I began to put God back in His proper place in my yielding to Him, not me expecting Him to yield to me.  I grew up with a very skewed perception of the Godhead…and I didn’t know it was skewed until good ole “hindsight” kicked in.  I realized how arrogant the church, in the general sense, has become.  In my opinion, it seems like we make God dependent upon us…Like puny humans have tied God’s hands behind His back and He’s just a-wishin’ and a-hopin’ that we’ll untie Him so He can go back to doin’ His “genie thing”. 

Growing up, I can’t really say that I was taught about the judgment of God, how He REALLY feels about sin, what Christ REALLY did on the cross, what grace REALLY is, and what we as sinners REALLY deserve and WHY.  I didn’t even really know, in depth, what the Gospel was truly about, yet I spent almost my whole life in church.  Now that I understand it a lot better, I rejoice and thank GOD for His Son and what He’s done! Soli Deo Gloria!

Also, I’ve been doing much praying and studying and praying and studying, and I have a strong desire to enter into fellowship with other brothers and sisters in Christ.  I disconnected myself from the “church” for very good reasons…but I’m not so foolish to think that there aren’t some assemblies out there, even of 15 people, who have a grasp on what the church body should be like.  There are no perfect churches, I know, but I’m not settling anymore.  I want to find a place where the true Word is going forth, no fluff..with people who have great respect for God and His Word.  I just don’t know where to go yet.  I’ve recently found 2 churches in an online search for my area that have interested me, but I haven’t visited yet..but I really want to.  God has stirred up within me the desire for Christ-centered fellowship and I can hardly contain myself.  I am resolved to visit one of them this Sunday (Resurrection Sunday).  They’re both Reformed churches, so I might be forced to visit by  Anywho, we’ll see how that goes 🙂

Just needed to vent and get some stuff of my chest today…so there ya have it!

Christ is King!!!


4 Responses to “Just an Update (Journal)”

  1. Mr PSb Says:

    Grow in grace an in the knowledge of the truth! I can certainly identify with you, I went through the same phase. Know that you are not alone and your brothers and sisters in Christ are here for you.

    • growinginlove Says:

      Thank you for the encouragement, brother. It’s much appreciated (and much needed at this point,lol).

  2. Melvin Says:

    GIL, GIL, GIL…

    There is no safe place to share Calvinism/Monergism/The Doctrines of Grace. You have to be willing let God do with your presentations as He will. Accepting Monergism is as much a work of God’s grace as is salvation to begin with.

    Nice site by the way.

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