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Suffering for Christ’s Sake February 5, 2010

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This is a video showing Christians in other countries who hang on to their faith in Christ at the cost of their very safety and lives.  I often wonder how we, here in America, would hold up under such circumstances as these.  Would we stand firm and steadfast in Christ, or would we buckle under the pressure and deny Him to save our own lives?  I honor and admire the brothers and sisters who endure persecution for Christ.  I also cry for them and pray for them.  The Bible warns us that we’ll face persecution for Christ’s sake.  My prayer for those of us who are being/will be persecuted is that God strengthens us to love not our lives unto death, proclaiming the Gospel of Christ unto death.  That we remain firm in our faith and faint not…that we don’t fear those who have power only to destroy the body and not the soul.  Let us pray for one another.

Let all be done to the glory of our Heavenly Father.  All is in His hands.

Christ is King!


2 Responses to “Suffering for Christ’s Sake”

  1. Lydia Says:

    This video had me in tears. We really have no idea what other Christians in other countries go thru who are persecuted for their belief in Christ

    • growinginlove Says:

      We don’t. I think it’s healthy to see what other people go through to shake us out of the coma we’re in. We take our freedom for granted. My prayer is that God stirs us up to be more and more passionate about our faith and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That prayer starts for me…I KNOW I need it.

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